Welcome to R West Consulting

R West Consulting offers custom-designed, award-winning and biblically-based career and life coaching products and services that help Christians discover the plans and priorities God has for their lives so they can experience clarity, rest and joy on their work/life journey.

Career Services

Career Direct® is a comprehensive career assessment tool and consultation process that teaches Christian high school students, homeschool students, college grads and “non-vocational ministry” working professionals the biblical perspective of work and how to wisely choose a career direction that best matches their unique, God-given strengths, abilities and values so they can find clarity and joy on their work/life journey. [Learn more…]

Calendar Store

The Quiet Time Planner is not your typical datebook/organizer. It is an award-winning “right brain” calendar system that is custom-designed to help Christians find freedom from busyness and distractions so they can schedule consistent, uninterrupted daily quiet time to meet with God and experience the rest and joy of His presence in their daily lives. [Shop now…]

Community Support

JAMSession (Joy, Appreciation, Maturity) is a nine-week multigenerational online community where Christians learn and practice “right brain” relational skills that promote healing, character transformation and maturity so they can restore their joyful identities and build joyful communities of belonging at home, work, school and church where they and others can grow and thrive. [Connect…]

Business Partners & Affiliates

Vision Resourcing Group is a 501c3 non-profit educational ministry that equips Christian Leaders to counsel God’s people in the area of vocational, financial, and generational stewardship so they can grow into mature and faithful managers of His resources. [Counselor reviews…]

College Assistance Plus (CAP) helps undergraduate and graduate school students reduce college costs and negotiate lower college costs regardless of income. CAP also provides assistance with school selection, applications, reviewing essays and identifying scholarships. [Find help…]

Every Student Sent is a national coalition and FREE web platform that helps 10-12th grade students prepare for college by connecting them as much as a year in advance with other incoming Christian freshmen and campus leaders at their future college. [Learn more…]

The 48 Days Eagles Community is made of entrepreneurs, creatives, podcasters and coaches who are looking for resources and connections to help them find or create work they love. [Join…]

“The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.”

— Proverbs 20:5 (ESV)