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Career Direct® Assessment

The Detailed Report will give you a complete picture about your individual design. The results will equip you to better understand your personality strengths and non-strengths, vocational interests, work-related skills and life values, and help increase self-awareness as you make important career and education decisions.

Consultation Process Overview

Three value-added service packages are available from which to choose. Each includes the Career Direct® Assessment, Post-assessment Consultation Meeting and follow-up Action Plan coaching session to help you achieve maximum results.

• Ideal for career changers and seasoned working professionals.
• Includes action plan steps for maximizing your potential at work, and identifying traditional and non-traditional work opportunities.

• Available for individuals who want to discover or confirm their personality strengths and life values alignment so they can pursue volunteer or post-career interests with greater clarity, motivation and purpose.

• Designed for high school/college students and recent grads.
• Includes action plan steps for making wise career or college major decisions that best match your natural strengths, skills and abilities.
• Makes for a great birthday, graduation or special occasion gift!

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“If we accept the concept that God gave us our patterns and our desires, it seems to follow that if we are committed to Him, then He has already written His will for us in our hearts.”

– Lee Ellis