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The Quiet Time Planner™ Story

In 1994, results from Robert West’s blood test confirmed what the doctor had suspected. Robert had a serious case of chronic fatigue syndrome, a stress-related disorder. 

He was immediately put on full-time disability and prescribed a fierce regimen of natural and nutritional remedies to aid his recovery. Most importantly, Robert was ordered to get plenty of bed rest.

One afternoon during his recovery, as he lie in bed, lifeless, tired and weak, Robert summoned the strength to offer up a whispered prayer to God. “Lord, when I’m healed of this sickness, please help me to never go back to the lifestyle that got me into this situation.” 

In response to that prayer, the Lord began showing Robert an effective and sensible way to manage his life. It centered on spending consistent uninterrupted, daily quiet time with Him. This is the inspiration that led to the development of The Quiet Time Planner™.

How the Planner Works

  • The system’s weekly schedule format allows you to prioritize your daily quiet time objective as an appointment, keeping it from getting lost in a “to do” list.
  • It’s custom-designed goals, assignments, tasks and notes sections facilitate “right brain” thinking, which is essential to clearing your mind of everything that needs to get done and creating mental space.

Quiet Time Is the Key

The key to effective time management is spending time alone with God. Let The Quiet Time Planner™ help you schedule daily quiet time to meet with Him.

—Isaiah 30:15

Full-Year Calendars

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January – December hardcover and paperback versions of the calendar feature:

  • 137 full-color interior pages.
  • One annual and 12 monthly calendar pages with U.S. Federal Holidays included.
  • 52 weekly schedule and tasks pages that allow you to maintain a mindset of quietness and rest so you can focus on achieving your “important-but-not-urgent” work/life goals and priorities.

The two-page layout design accommodates “whole brain” thinking and planning which is essential for effective time and life management!

Trimester Calendars

Trimester Calendars are for those who want to “try” the system or who prefer seasonal planning (e.g., Winter, Summer and Fall).

Each version of the calendar features:

  • 51 black and white interior pages.
  • One annual and four monthly calendar pages with U.S. Federal Holidays included.
  • 17 weekly schedule and tasks pages that allow you to maintain a mindset of quietness and rest so you can focus on achieving your “important-but-not-urgent” work/life goals and priorities.

Dry Erase Poster & Digital Calendars

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Dry Erase and Digital versions of the planner feature:

  • January – December planning calendar with U.S. Federal Holidays.
  • Goals section to help you increase goal focus and execution management.
  • Assignments section to help you prioritize family, work or school project completion dates.
  • Notes section that is ideal for writing messages, motivational quotes, capturing ideas or attaching sticky-notes.

The Dry Erase calendar is presented as an 11” x 17” laminated poster and is ideal for use at home, at work, in classrooms or dorm rooms.

The Digital calendar can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or mobile device for convenient access.

TheGoals” section is strategically placed in time management “Quadrant 2” so you can stay focused on achieving your “important-but-not-urgent” work/life priorities.

Goal Achievement List

The Goal Achievement List is a companion resource to the Weekly Schedule, Dry Erase and Digital calendar systems.

Presented as an 8.5 x 5.5” paper based booklet, the planner features:

  • One annual calendar page with U.S. Federal Holidays included.
  • One vision/mission planner page for writing values statements in the “eight priority areas” of life.
  • Ten goal achievement list pages with 120 numbered line spaces and customized scheduling columns for recording your execution management action plans that are strategically aligned with your life vision/mission and values statements.

The booklet also features the exclusive Quiet Time Planner™ Focusing Exercise that demonstrates how to use the goals system to help you maintain a mindset of quietness and rest so you can focus your attention on achieving your “important-but-not-urgent” work/life goals and priorities.


“Revolutionary in helping me to ‘manage’ my life, and not just be a ‘scheduler’.” – B. Smith

“It truly helps to control your daily or life’s activities.” – L. Roseman

“…I have found your system to work great! I no longer have to work on the weekends!” – D. Ray

“…Planning by the week instead of the day, around what is important to me is great! I have already had a few people ask things of me, and I responded with times I had LEFT available. Thanks for your help!” – R. Thompson

“…I am enjoying my quiet time with the Lord much better every morning…. Many times a Scripture that I meditated on during my quiet time would come into application that day in some form or another. I am very excited about the quiet times that await me in the future.” – J. Kermah

“I’ve been going through the 8 Keys and having a quiet time these past few days. It’s too much to explain…but I’ve seen God make radical changes within me after these deeply spiritual experiences I’ve been having during these quiet times. I’m looking forward to learning more and I’m looking forward to more people hearing and learning about this incredible planner!!” — J. Martinez

“…If you are blessed with having The Quiet Time Planner, you will feel a peace come over you….Caution: the planner works for successful oriented minds; others needn’t apply. If you are hard-working and committed to success, make your life even more successful…get The Quiet Time Planner.” – R.P. Gibson