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“Individual worship . . . is the inner secret of Christianity. . . . Every man who ever became somebody for God has this at the core of his priorities: time alone with God.”
— Robert D. Foster

The Quiet Time Principle

The Quiet Time Principle offers a unique approach to time management training, motivation and coaching. It demonstrates how laypersons and leaders can find freedom from busyness and distractions by experiencing a deeper walk with God through quiet time, Bible reading, worship and prayer.

In addition, practical ideas and action steps for becoming a more effective time manager are provided to help you experience clarity, rest and joy on your work/life journey.

General principles of effective time management topics:

  • How the “Three D’s” of effective time management can help you take control of your time and your life.
  • What the “significance formula” is and why it is critical to your sense of total well-being.
  • Why “right brain” thinking is an essential time and life management discipline.
  • Why weekly scheduling is superior to daily planning.
  • How to get done in one hour what it would “normally” take three hours to accomplish.
  • The one simple time management tool you can use on a regular basis to free up valuable mental and emotional energy, help your mind stay focused, and increase productivity.
  • Plus much more!

The Quiet Time Planner™ Scripture Reading List
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The Quiet Time Planner™ Scripture Reading List is a six-page companion resource to The Quiet Time Principle book and The Quiet Time Planner™ Calendar System by Robert West. It contains more than 150 Bible verses Robert was inspired to compile, research, study and learn from the Lord how to live by during his healing and recovery journey (Matt. 4:4).

The booklet features:

  • “Books of the Holy Bible” in seven-fold division order (with chapter numbers) to help your “left brain” find context clarity for your daily quiet time management assignments.
  • “God of the Holy Bible” and “Praise and Worship” references to help your soul find rest in the person, provision and presence of the Lord as you spend time alone with Him.
  • “Personal Affirmation Verses” to help your “right brain” return to joy from upsets and setbacks by reminding you of who you are in Him.
  • And much more!

The booklet is provided as a FREE downloadable PDF resource that can be viewed as an online document (“Viewable” version) or printed, folded, saddle stapled and carried inside your Bible, calendar or journal as an accessory (“Printable” version).

The Quiet Time Planner™ Journal

The Quiet Time Planner™ Journal is a companion resource to The Quiet Time Principle book and The Quiet Time Planner™ Calendar System by Robert West. It contains 100 margin ruled lined journal pages for recording insights of ways the Lord is calling you to personal application of Bible verses that touch and have an impact on your life, and features a two-page layout design that displays the “Eight Keys of Effective Quiet Time Management” prompts in the right page header for review.

“Here lies the whole secret of a real Christian life, a life of liberty and joy and power and fullness. To have as one’s ever-present friend, and to be conscious that one has as his ever-present friend, the Holy Spirit and to surrender one’s life in all its departments entirely to his control – this is true Christian living.”

— R. A. Torrey